Registration and Licenses

Every company works in a regulated environment and they are bound to follow certain rules and regulations. It will be based on different factors like location, activity, type of industry etc. 

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Company Registration

Company Registration

Company registration implies an enrollment proclamation to be recorded by the Company regarding any of its value protections for its own record. In the registration process the name of the business is checked, business type, etc. The government would also be levying tax on the business owners depending on the business type.
LLP registration

Limited Liability Partnership Registration

LLP states the duties and rights to the partners in a company. They are answerable for the compliances and all the arrangements that are indicated in the LLP agreement.

Partnership Firm Registration

Partnership firms in India are regulated by the Indian Partnership Act, 1932. It is constituted under an agreement between the partners. The registration of the firm can be done at the initial stage or doing the continuance of the partnership business.

Import Export License

Import Export License are the consents or licenses for doing the business all over the world. In India, import and export is regulated by the Foreign Trade Act 1992 and Export Import Policy. Registration with regional licensing authority is required to import and export goods. The importer can import his goods only if he get an Import Export Code from the regional authority.

KML Registration

Kerala money lenders registration and license are obtained under Kerala Money Lenders Act, (KMLA)1958 ,an Act to provide for the regulation and control of the business of money-lenders.

GAHAN Registration

GAHAN registration provides relief to those who have taken loans in the co-operative sector.

Udyam Registration

.On July 1 2020, the Union Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises had introduced a new process of classification and registration of MSME Enterprises named 'Udyam Registration'. Any one interested to establish a micro, small or medium enterprise can register via Udyam.
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