What People Ask Us?

TDS is drawn to my company. Do I still need to file my tax return? What is the best way to pay my taxes to the government?

Yes, you must file your returns. There is a difference to be made between submitting a tax return and pulling the TDS. You file a tax return to show that you have paid all your taxes. IT repayment will also help you get a visa or a loan.

Can I file income tax returns for years I did not file?

Yes. You can file IT returns for all the years that have already passed.

Is it necessary to enclose any document with tax returns?

Income tax return (ITR) forms are known as attachments for small forms. It means that taxpayers are not required to submit any supporting documents (such as TGS certificates, proof of investment, etc.). Whether you submit your return electronically or by hand, you do not need to attach these documents.

How will I be reimbursed if I pay too much tax?

When you submit your IT Return, you can request a refund for any excess taxes you owe. Your refund will be credited to the bank account for which you specify the ECS transfer. Please double check that your bank details (IFSC code, account number, etc.) in the ITR form are correct.

What if I am an NRI in the UAE?

We can help you whether you are an Indian citizen working abroad or an Indian Non-Resident working in India or another country such as the UAE.

How can I make a tax payment to the government?

At the official Department of IT website, you can make a direct contribution to the government. Net banking and Challan 280 are also acceptable payment methods.
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