Accounting and Auditing Services

Accounting is defined as the financial statement prepared for a company consisting of all financial and non financial information. Auditing is done by an individual or a group of people qualified for the job to confirm the authenticity of all the financial statements prepared for a fixed term.

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Computer accounting

Computerised Financial Accounting

Computerized Financial Accounting tends to include dedicated accounting software and digital spreadsheets to monitor a business or client's financial statements. It has numerous advantages over traditional manual accounting. Computerized accounting is more accurate, faster to use, and is less subjective to errors than its manual counterpart.


Auditing is done to ensure that financial information of the client or company is represented fairly and accurately in accordance with the relevant accounting standards. Nearly all organisations get a review of their annual financial statements which include cash flow, balance sheet and income statements. A few organizations lead a review to meet industry guidelines or on the grounds that it is a lawful necessity. Partners or potential financial backers may likewise require a review..
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